Updating a Will

Life’s circumstances usually change over time, as do the value of your assets.

We would recommend regular reviews of your Will to make sure it always reflects what you wish to happen to your estate when you die. Your Will should always be reviewed/updated in the following circumstances:

* Your marital status changes

* If you buy or sell anything that is gifted as a specific item in your Will

* If you adopt or have children

* If you move to live outside the UK.

* If the person you appointed as the guardian for your children needs to be changed

* If your executors need to be changed

* If you change your mind about the instructions contained in your Will

Your Will is valid until you make a new Will. As soon as you make a new will or update and exisiting will the previous will is revoked. You can also revoke a Will by destroying it.

for more information see Updating a Will.

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